Citizen "As You Please" Tour - Chicago, IL - 10.18.17

Words and Photos by Micki Harris
Edited for clarity and length by Alaina Dixon

  Metro Chicago was the one and only place in Wrigleyville with energy deviant to the Cubs crowd on Wednesday, October 18th. Down the street from this gig was game 4 of the playoff series between the Cubs and the Dodgers. The streets were flooded with drunken, rowdy baseball fans, hoping to be one game closer to a repeat of last year’s World Series Championship. Inside the Metro felt entirely different. Much like the nature of Citizen’s music, the vibe inside the venue felt eerie. Fans eagerly yet calmly awaited the fellow Midwesterners taking the stage, showing love to Great Grandpa and Sorority Noise in the meantime.

Citizen kicked off their set bathed in red lights, resembling the artwork of their new record, As You Please. This was just their second show in America since their record was released, and for the first time, Citizen brought the new songs to life for their Chicago fans. They opened up with Jet, the first single as well as the intro track for As You Please, radiating energy and emotion throughout the entire venue. Their set featured several songs from each of their last 3 records, allowing fans to hear a wide variety, as well as leaving the crowd with a fresh perspective on the new songs and a new way to digest the record.