The Used - Milwaukee WI - 11.02.17

The Used are out celebrating the release of the 7th studio album, The Canyon, with Glassjaw opening on a 2017 fall tour, with a stop in Milwaukee, WI on 11.02.17. 

You could feel the energy in the room from the second Glass Jaw stepped on to the stage with the crowd screaming and singing along to every song, not missing a single beat. Nothing will compare to the energy right before The Used stepped foot on stage. The lights went out and their intro started playing and you could just feel it in the air. The crowd was screaming awaiting their presence on the stage. Front man, Bert McCracken, came on stage confidently singing the opening lines of "Take It Away" with the crowd screaming along. 

Between the 4th & 5th song, Bert invited a fan on stage explaining that he wasn't sure he had ever done this before but this fan had an important question to ask. He invited his girlfriend up on stage with her freaking out the whole time about being a die-hard fan of The Used for years. He proposed right on stage with her favorite band playing behind them, it was hands down one of the cutest moment's you will ever see in a concert and definitely something that everyone in attendance will be talking about for a while!

Overall, The Used had incredible energy on stage and held everyones attention the whole night, which is everything you can ask from a band and then some. If you get the chance, you should definitely go check them out on their remaining tour dates (posted below) as well as their new album!


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Photos by Kaitlyn Johnston

Fan proposal during The Used's set

Fan proposal during The Used's set